When is it best to take a WOW! Hypnobirthing course?

Most couples prefer to take the course a couple of months before their baby is due. This allows for plenty of time to practise what you learn and it will feel relevant to your stage of pregnancy. Some people prefer to take the course closer to their due date so it all feels fresher and others prefer to take it sooner to give themselves longer to practise. Or it may be that one set of course dates suits you better than others. It's your choice!

How big are the groups?

Groups are limited to a maximum of 5 couples so that there is plenty of time for questions, clarification, personal attention as well as some personal space. Birth partners aren't just welcome - they're an integral part of the course! If you're planning to have more than one birth partner, just bring your main birth partner to the course. If you prefer not to take part in a small group, we can also offer private 1-1 classes in your home. If we work privately with you, we will usually work with you for a whole day (Monday to Friday) or two evenings.

What if I've already done antenatal classes?

Whether this is your first baby, or if you've had one or more babies before, our WOW! Hypnobirthing course will add to and enhance any prior learning from other antenatal classes you've attended. Hypnobirthing teaches you new, practical skills and helps you banish anxiety and embrace confidence. Some aspects of any antenatal course will inevitably overlap with others but we're confident that you'll take away new skills and maybe a clearer, deeper understanding about birth. We aren't affiliated to any organisation so we have no underlying agenda. We only wish for you to feel better emotionally, cognitively and physically about birth and to approach birth knowing you and your birth partner have the skills and understanding to work as a team and to get the birth that's right for you, wherever and however your baby is born.

What if I have more questions?

You are very welcome to contact Zana or Barbara if you would like to know more about our courses, if you have questions about your particular circumstances, if you'd like clarification about something - or anything else! Use the Contact us page and complete one of the forms to contact either Barbara or Zana.

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