WOW! Hypnobirthing

Course Overview

Now that we are moving out of lockdown, we're happy to announce that in-person hypnobirthing courses are back on!

Given the continuing uncertainty around the pandemic and the huge number of potential variables (whether people are/aren't fully vaccinated, individual levels of vulnerability, distancing requirements at venues, risk assessments, etc, etc) we have taken the decision, for now, to offer all our courses on a private basis, rather than to run groups. This means that you can book a private hypnobirthing course in your own home, your practitioner's home or online if you prefer.

The beauty of a private course is that it's totally focused on you and your needs. Prior to your course we'll ask you (both of you) about your hopes, worries and individual situation so we can build a course tailored to you. We listen carefully to your and your birth partner's personal concerns and work with you to devise practical approaches to help you reframe and overcome them. Having many years of training and experience behind us we are capable, adaptable and can think "outside the box" so we tick off your list rather than our own.

You might be wondering, "What makes you qualified to do all that? How do I know I can trust you?" Zana and Barbara hold university-validated professional qualifications in antenatal education, having originally trained for several years with NCT. We don't just deliver someone's set format or agenda; we have decades of experience of devising and adapting antenatal classes to suit the participants. We're qualified hypnobirthing practitioners and between us have further qualifications and skills in midwifery, counselling and hypnotherapy.

So, if you want to feel better about birth as well as skilled to deal with it, please contact us and let us begin to put your mind at rest.

The information on this website is mainly about our 2-day group course but you can use it to get a flavour of what we offer. If it whets your appetite, please get in touch!



We really want you to feel better about birth and feel skilled to deal with it!

Of course we want you to feel informed too, so we do share plenty of theory and context with you, but, much more importantly, we want you to feel skilled to deal with labour, as well as to feel genuinely calm, confident and empowered for pregnancy, birth and beyond. Labour and birth are intensely emotional and physical experiences. You might say, "Ah, but knowledge is power!", but you can't "think" your way through labour. Your birth experience is likely to be an immense physical and emotional journey so what will help you most is to learn practical skills to help you manage physical and emotional challenges. We want you, your baby and your partner to have the most positive, calm and confident experience possible, where you work together as your very own dream-team, whatever your circumstances on the day.

Are you ready to start feeling better about birth?

At the moment we feel that the best option for us all is to offer our courses on a private, bespoke basis. Our original group course is designed to fill two days. When we work privately with you and your birth partner, you can decide if you'd like to spend one or or more days with us and we will design your course accordingly. We can cover much more material in a more detailed way if we spend two days together, but if you prefer just one day we will hone in on the hypnobirthing, rapid relaxation and self-calming aspects of the course, but always with your personal situation and needs in mind. You can also choose an initial 1-day course and follow up a few weeks later with an additional session to suit.

Living up to our motto: "Linking mind and body"

The first day of our group WOW! Hypnobirthing course focuses mostly on the theory and practice of hypnosis and self-hypnosis. You will practice rapid relaxation techniques and other ways of focusing on breathing and relaxation for a calmer pregnancy, birth and beyond.

The second day of the course focuses more on the theory and practice of the physical aspects of birth as well as informed decision-making in case you need to decide whether to accept or decline any medical options. During the second day we also weave in further opportunities to practise hypnosis and rapid-relaxation techniques.

The whole course culminates in drawing together all that you have learned, linking mind and body, so that you devise a personal and ongoing "action plan" that maximises the opportunities for positive, calm and confident birth, wherever and however it happens on the day.

For best results we recommend you keep practising all the techniques you will learn on the run up to your baby's birth. To help you, you will receive exclusive downloads to listen to at home with the familiar voice of your course leader rather than a stranger, course notes, information sheets and a list of things you can prepare and practise at home. We're available at the end of an email if you need any additional information or support. You can also choose to attend our weekly Relaxation Hour at the New Forest Birth Centre, Ashurst to keep you topped up.

We welcome clients from all over Southampton, Salisbury, Winchester, Romsey, the New Forest, Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire - and beyond!

If you're not sure if WOW! Hypnobirthing is for you, please contact us so we can help you decide. We won't be pushy! You might also like to look at the course content here. If you'd like to skip straight to checking dates and getting booked in, all you need is here.

Our many years of experience and expertise means we are able to listen, respond, assist and explain. Our courses are interactive, adaptable and responsive. We want you to have the most positive birth experience possible, however your labour unfolds on the day.

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